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Download our FREE Sports Trend Guide

Major world sporting events are just around the corner bringing the whole nation together to cheer on their teams. This is our biggest trend guide yet, and highlights trends and many recipes from around the world that suit pubs and casual diners.

Three trends set to soar are:

  1. Hot Dogs and Sliders:​ Always popular thanks to our friends in the USA – but the big thing is making them themed.
  2. Street-food:​ Asian and South American street food is one of the hottest trends right now – dishes that pack a punch with flavour, are high margin and easy to prepare.
  3. Sharing:​ Spanish tapas and Mexican nacho nibbles allow groups of friends to enjoy their time out and makes service easier and quicker.

Download our latest trend guide now to find out how you can bring this summer’s latest food trends to life with delicious, seasonal recipe suggestions from CHEF®​, DOCELLO™ and MAGGI®​.

Please be patient it may take a few minutes to download – but it’s definitely worth the wait!

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