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French glacé cherries, not just for decoration. The Recipe Booklet

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French glacé cherries, not just for decoration. The Recipe Booklet

French glacé cherries originated in Provence centuries ago and have established a pedigree giving them an unbeatable taste. For this reason, they still set the benchmark for producers all over the world.

French glacé cherries are made from the Napoleon Bigarreau variety of cherries from the sun-drenched southern region of Provence. Within hours of picking, the cherries are de-stalked and stoned before being blanched and steeped in syrup for 10 days. The vibrant colour that the fruit has is 100% natural, guaranteeing a natural flavour.

The entire candying process is a gentle and unhurried system, perfected by French cherry growers over the centuries.

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For inspiration, watch the French glacé cherries e-masterclass video by Yolande Stanley MCA. Click here.

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French glacé cherry ‘Ginduja’ croustillante chocolates

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