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Social Commerce: A Guide To Understanding The Social Customer

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Social Commerce: A Guide To Understanding The Social Customer

Every successful restaurateur knows the importance of attracting new customers and converting them into regular diners, to help drive a brand and business forward.

In today’s age of easy access to information, however, getting a restaurant's message across successfully can be quite a challenge, especially as consumers are flooded with recommendations and suggestions from various traditional and online sources, social media and increasingly, via phones and tablets apps.

So, how can restaurant owners use an effective social commerce strategy to help create new, loyal diners for their business?

We have designed a guide that gives insights into the changing behaviour of the British consumer online—covering the basics of social commerce and the psychological and financial pulls on potential customers—and which offers strategic advice on how to navigate the new information age to your business's best advantage.

From independent restaurant owners to marketing managers at national establishments, the guide could help revolutionise your marketing strategies.

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