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The Future of Flexible Work

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The Future of Flexible Work

Recruiting in the ‘now economy’

Current recruitment strategies are archaic, costly and time-consuming. The aim of the SlideShare is to discover how and why technology can help businesses be;

  • More efficient
  • Reduce financial burdens
  • Increase productivity
  • Meet demand and retain regular, reliable, quality flexible workers.

Within the slides, we answer the following questions:​​ 

  • Why are current recruiting methods failing to meet the needs of a modern business & flexible worker? 
  • How are other businesses using technology to make life easier/reduce overheads? 
  • How can businesses reduce costs of recruiting flexible workers? 
  • How can businesses save-time on recruitment process by embracing technology? 
  • How your life can be made easier by utilizing the tools available to you to improve efficiency, reduce admin and meet demand? 

Who should read this?​​ 

The Future of Flexible Work will be beneficial to those who regularly employ flexible workers: operations managers, senior events managers/directors, HR directors, heads of recruitment and general managers. Industries: hospitality, industrial, retail and general management/ recruitment. 

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