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Make it Cafitesse with Douwe Egberts

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The impact of Covid-19 on the sector is still very much apparent two years on, not least the devastating effect it has had on staffing. With fewer workers available, savvy hoteliers are looking at new ways to increase efficiency. A key area they are reassessing is hot drinks, with busy hotels increasingly turning to high-quality self-serve coffee machines such as Douwe Egberts’ Cafitesse system.

Self-service makes more sense than ever, yet it should not see hoteliers and their guests have to settle for second best. Perfect for busy hotels, Cafitesse machines can serve a high throughput of guests without compromising quality, ensuring peak performance and a great tasting drink served conveniently and consistently in one touch. More than a great coffee, it’s an experience each guest deserves – and one guaranteed to create a lasting impression.

Suitable for both back and front of house use, Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Excellence Touch and Quantum range can serve up to 600 hot drinks per hour making them suitable for a wide range of uses including breakfast and conference occasions.

What makes Cafitesse coffee taste so good?

Since 1753, Douwe Egberts has brought people together over quality coffee and knows the importance of meeting customer needs, even as those needs change.

Sourcing coffees from around the world, Cafitesse coffee is roasted and brewed to create perfectly balanced blends full of flavour - a consistently great taste shines through in every cup – whether it’s an espresso, black coffee, latte or a cappuccino. Machines can also serve hot chocolate and hot water (for tea) to provide a full hot drinks offer. 

Available in over 65 countries worldwide, 135,000 Cafitesse machines are serving two billion cups every year and counting. Isn’t it time for your hotel to join others in providing a convenient, great-tasting coffee experience to your guests, whatever their taste?

The benefits of Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Excellence Touch

Fast serve: Dispenses a black coffee in seven seconds or a cappuccino in 14 seconds, serving up to 600 cups per hour on-demand.

Great flavours: Serves 12 high-street favourites including espresso, latte and cappuccino; with options to use a medium, dark or even extra dark roast.

Consistent quality: An integrated system ensures the same great taste with every serve, cup after cup, without the mess or waste caused by bags or used coffee grounds.

Intuitive touchscreen: User friendly experience allows your customers to have a clear choice of drinks. Easy to use and self-serve each cup.

Sleek design: The modern machine fits nicely into professional spaces and can be tailored to meet different needs in front-of-house and back-of-house locations.

Beautifully efficient: The machine requires minimal human contact, easy cleaning – only six minutes twice a week; and low maintenance. Customers also save a lot of time thanks to easy refilling.

High reliability: Designed for maximum uptime for customers looking for high reliability in peak serving times and consistency in their coffee solution.

For more information about​ Cafitesse and Douwe Egberts visit the websitehere​ or call 0808 100 1030.

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