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Spilling the beans: eight ways to enhance your coffee offer

Douwe Egberts shares its 265 years of coffee expertise to help hospitality businesses of all types up their game.

1.  Signage and shop boards can stop and intrigue people. Always keep your messages short and clear, if it takes over two seconds to read, it’s too long. But, done right, it can be an effective marketing tool.

2. Coffee to go is on trend and growing in popularity. Make sure you have branded heat proof cups and all other necessities at hand, especially in busy locations.

3. A well-designed menu with an appealing layout that clearly differentiates the coffees will always appeal to customers. Consider adding seasonal drinks and specialities to keep things interesting. According to coffee research company Allegra, customers who enjoy seasonal variety are most likely to try seasonal drinks once a week, so they’re a great addition to any menu.

4. If you want to get the best out of your baristas, invest in them by giving them sufficient training. Knowing how to extract an amazing espresso, produce great quality milk texture and create latte art will enhance your guest’s experience. For many customers, consistent coffee quality is a key driver when choosing which coffee shop to visit.

5. Cups are key – distinctive good quality crockery will create the right impression and a positive feeling, chipped or cheap crockery won't. Nearly 50% of people expect their coffee to be served in quality crockery when sitting in a coffee shop according to data from consumer insights company Toluna.

6. It’s also worth gently warming coffee cups. Cold cups will kill the crema layer and adversely affect the coffee taste and experience. Sit them on top of your coffee machine, this will help to heat them.

7. Loyalty pays - keep your customers coming back with loyalty cards or reward schemes, as well as serving good coffee! Loyalty cards are a key driver for people choosing a restaurant to visit. According to Allegra, 63% of coffee shop users regularly use coffee shop loyalty schemes.

8. Remember the ‘first and last’ rule – it’s the first 10 seconds and last 10 seconds that leave a lasting impression on your customers, so make them count.

Barista-crafted coffee blends that hit the spot

Coffee specialist Douwe Egberts has added to its portfolio of quality out-of-home products with Barista Editions - a range of Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Arabica beans that are expertly blended and roasted to meet the needs of every barista and consumer.

According to Allegra, Consistent great tasting coffee will always be the mark of quality, followed by strength. Barista Editions use only expertly-sourced 100% Arabica beans for its blends with the master blenders at Douwe Egberts knowing what it takes to craft blends that hit the spot with UK palates.

The Barista Editions range comprises Signature Espresso and Rich Espresso. Whatever the skill level or espresso machine being used, both blends help teams to consistently serve full-bodied coffee thanks to their high quality and the easy-to-follow on-pack barista recommendations for dosage, storage and serving tips. Success is further supported by online training videos that will give every member of the team the confidence to serve incredible coffee.

Responding to a pandemic-recovering market where there’s been a shift in the importance of ethical sourcing and the use of trusted brands, Douwe Egberts Barista Editions hits the mark. People want to know where their products come from and their environmental impact.

The Douwe Egberts seal comes with quality assurance, including how they source their beans. 100% Rainforest Alliance CertifiedÔ, each bean is grown and picked from farms supported by sustainable farming practices that help to protect forests, improve farmers’ livelihoods, the human rights of farm workers and help farmers mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. New Douwe Egberts branded POS material is now available online to share that story front of house.

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