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Ditch old-fashioned and outdated recipe books and discover how the power of cloud and AI intelligence can help transform kitchen operations.

Your kitchen is the heart that keeps your restaurant running, and as such, should always be operating at maximum efficiency. ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus​ from QSR Automations​ is a new, digital recipe platform aimed at transforming kitchen operations. The easy-to-use software not only replaces old-fashioned and outdated recipe books, it also ensures accuracy in the kitchen to create a consistent customer experience.  

As the only searchable recipe hosting software that uses AI to translate recipes for kitchens, ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus ensures your chefs can understand every recipe – regardless of their native language. With easy-to-follow recipes and instructional videos, training of new team members or products requires minimal effort.

Why digitise?

With ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus, kitchen teams can search for and see every recipe on your menu, no matter how often they change, due to the fact the recipes are managed and hosted in the cloud.

  • Easily update recipes and add new ones from one centralised location to keep your kitchens on the same page - irrespective of the number of sites in your portfolio.
  • Different recipes for different regions? ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus is flexible enough to customise for that scenario, too.

Time and labour savings benefits


Here’s how ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus tackles labour issues for your kitchen teams

  • It saves time on prep and cooking by pinning recipes into a workspace - ensuring cooks stay focused, which boosts productivity. 
  • It streamlines training time, so retention numbers go up, time spent training goes down.
  • It increases accuracy and consistency by clearly listing ingredients and explaining steps needed to create each recipe. 
  • It shows modifiers on the recipe card, eliminating the need for teams to remember them from the KDS. 
  • It displays allergen information, special cooking instructions and contamination warnings, reducing potentially dangerous situations for your guests. You can also add videos and images to visually show the ingredients and steps, too. 
  • It offers AI-powered translations, so teams can read and understand every recipe - now available in over 100 languages. 
  • When accessing ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus from ConnectSmart® Kitchen, it will jump to the relevant step in the recipe, based on the station the team member is working. 

A cost-saving boost for your bottom line

Digitising recipes eliminates the production and distribution costs of printing recipe materials.

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To find out more about how the ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus, digital recipe platform can transform your kitchen operations visit ConnectSmart® RecipesPlus​ or call 020 3870 4571.

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