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Lavazza, your business partner and more

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Lavazza’s rich heritage and reputation for innovation enables it help restaurants of all shapes and sizes deliver the best possible coffee experience.

Lavazza is much more than a coffee supplier; it prides itself on being by your side as a real business partner to deliver the best service for you and premium experiences to delight your guests. Lavazza’s rich heritage and expertise enables it to help you provide the best experience to your customers, as well as the most reliable and convenient service for your company – always going above and beyond expectations. 

For 125 years, Lavazza has pursued a company vision based on passion for work, for the product, and for the land in which it operates. These values have been ingrained in the company’s DNA since its foundation in 1895, and has been upheld by four generations of entrepreneurs.

Lavazza’s story began when a young entrepreneur named Luigi Lavazza opened a small grocer’s shop in Turin, Italy, selling dry goods and consumables. He soon found his coffee, roasted on site, to be the best-seller with the fine attention to detail and the Italian craftsmanship quickly finding its niche.

Since 1895, Lavazza has been working to create its own, unique coffee blends to craft the perfect combination of body, aroma and flavour. Through repeated tasting sessions, Lavazza’s blending masters select more than 100 different sources every year, bringing unique flavours to every cup with the most noble and refined aromas, to guarantee the best and most consistent result.

Knowledge of the product, sustainability and innovation are the values through which Lavazza shares its coffee culture, expressed in each of the 27 billion espresso cups it serves every year around the world.

Crosshead: The coffee of choice for great chefs

With the perfect product range to meet the taste of every customer and the equipment to enjoy coffee at its absolute best, choosing Lavazza is the best way to end a great dining experience. This is why it is the coffee of choice for Italians, both at home and when eating out. Lavazza is also the coffee of choice for some of the UK’s most critically acclaimed chefs, including Jason Atherton​, Monica Galetti​ and Shaun Rankin​.

Lavazza has been synonymous with global haute cuisine for more than a decade and has found a perfect match in top gastronomy. Following its success with global chef partnerships, Lavazza embarked on a programme to work more closely with local gastronomy scenes. The visionary approaches of these chefs and associations have resulted in unique dishes and combinations co-created with Lavazza. Chefs that have worked with Lavazza include Ferran Adrià​ of El Bulli​ fame and Massimo Bottura​ from Osteria Francescana​.

Lavazza’s Top Gastronomy programme now features 65 of the UK’s best restaurants and hotels where Lavazza coffee can be enjoyed.  Atherton​, Galetti​ and Rankin​ are leading the project as Lavazza ambassadors and have selected some of the most premium and sustainable Lavazza blends for their restaurants to make every coffee an amazing experience for their guests.

Atherton​ - whose UK restaurants include Pollen Street Social, City Social​ and The Betterment​ - chose LavazzaAlteco​. The product comes from the mountains in Central America, where Lavazza has selected its top Arabica coffees and blended them with top quality Robusta. The beans come from plantations that practice organic farming, and where the principles of environmental sustainability according to UTZ standards are respected.

Galetti​ chose the sustainable LavazzaTierra​ for her highly-rated London restaurant Mere​. The Tierra​ range is a collection of fine, selected-origin blends, mixed with artistry by Lavazza, to offer the perfect synthesis of flavour.

But Tierra​ is much more than a product. Lavazza​ ¡TIERRA!​ emerged in 2002 from a social responsibility project to improve the social and environmental conditions and production techniques of some coffee producing communities. Developed in collaboration with the NGO Rainforest Alliance, it is the result of Lavazza’s strong commitment to sustainability, based on three fundamental principles - product excellence, support and care for small communities and respect for the planet.



Crosshead: The Lavazza Training Centre

The Lavazza Training Centre has been promoting coffee culture around the world for more than 25 years by training accomplished professionals, researching a unique and perfect quality espresso, and experimenting with new tastes. It delivers ideal solutions - including lessons, refresher courses and training paths - for those who have chosen to turn their passion for coffee into a job.

The topics covered include the secrets of coffee, its history, how to make it and tasting methods. But truly knowing coffee does not mean simply listing its properties and provenance, it’s also about knowing how to advise professionals in the sector and help them to develop their skills. A Lavazza Technical Advisers make competence, knowledge and trustworthiness the centre of their client relationships.

A barista is no longer just a technician, he is also, and most importantly, a manager. In addition to in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge about coffee, they also manage the premises, control costs, and engender customer loyalty. A true professional knows the secrets to perfect coffee extraction and how to manage their business space, products, tools and, above all, turnover.

With innovation at its core, Lavazza has always worked to develop new recipes and exciting creations, even mixing coffee and spirits to create surprising recipes to delight the most sophisticated and adventurous customers. The longterm collaboration with world renowned mixologists – such as Jason Clark​ and Dennis Zoppi​, is testament of Lavazza’s commitment to keep innovating and bringing the coffee world forward thanks to its incredible craft, blending premium coffee selections with spirits, to create the most amazing coffee cocktails.