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Deputy & Goldstar Chefs


Deputy is a powerful, intuitive workforce management tool specifically engineered to meet  the unique demands of over 1.3 million shift workers and trusted by 340,000 workplaces in more than 100 countries. Our mission? Revolutionising workforce management for shift workers in hospitality. Our user-friendly app seamlessly integrates scheduling, timesheets, leave management, hiring, onboarding, document management, and staff communication - simplifying every facet of workforce management and lightening the load of managing a hospitality team. Deputy empowers dynamic workforces and industry leaders like Honest Burgers, Atlas Hotels (IHG), CitizenM, Poke House, Barworks, Winter Wonderland, and many others. They choose Deputy to elevate their operational efficiency and foster transparent, flexible workplaces and prioritise employee well-being and happiness. With Deputy, you’re not just adopting a tool, you’re partnering with a solution that propels your business towards greater success in the hospitality industry. 

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Goldstar Chefs

Attracting and retaining Chefs is the Achilles Heel of running a hospitality business.

The ‘new normal’ job market has evolved to flexible WFH desk jobs, working shorter hours and weekends off, attracting hospitality workers by the droves.  Many EU nationals who shored up the industry have either returned home or chosen other occupations after gaining UK settlement.

Much of UK’s hospitality industry has been shaped by migrant labour. It seems only those coming to UK for a better life have the motivation and willingness to work in demanding roles, and at sustainable salary levels. However, visa costs have raised the bar for EU nationals but lowered it for non-EU’s. It remains acceptable to non-EU’s who have a different perspective of coming to work in the UK.

Goldstar Chefs are nationwide recruitment agency procuring skilled Chefs from around the world for UK’s diverse hospitality industry.  Sectors include Restaurants, Hotels, Events Caterers, QSR brands, and Pubs  You too can have the Chefs you want in your business.

As well as a recruiter we are a hospitality immigration practitioner The legal processes are explained in simple business language and taken care of for you efficiently and effectively (so no need for solicitors) 

The Goldstar Plus ​team are intuitive business-minded people who are on your side. We will visit you in person anywhere in UK.

Take the Goldstar Plus ​route to overseas hiring.  Make the call, and get your life back!

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