Redcat Hospitality Technology

Redcat Hospitality Technology

Redcat is a specialist hospitality IT platform provider that supplies multi-site businesses with their technology needs.

From smartphone apps to tailored loyalty programs, delivery partner integration to point-of-sale (ePOS) services, Redcat provides Marketers, Operators, IT and Management with everything they need to run their hospitality businesses seamlessly.

Founded in 1994, Redcat was an early believer in the power of technology in hospitality. With three decades of experience, Redcat is a longstanding leader of the digitisation of the food and beverage industry – which is today more important than ever, given the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Redcat sees the brands it works with as Partners, working collaboratively to help achieve exceptional customer experiences through smart and fully-integrated technology, enabling the use of real-time data to identify and address areas of need. Redcat’s centralised platform runs quietly in the background, allowing its Partners to work more efficiently, providing consumers  with seamless, easy-to-use technology that enhances the overall purchasing experience.

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