Telesoft Technologies

Telesoft Technologies

Telesoft Technologies is an independent, privately owned global provider of cutting-edge cyber security, telecoms mobile products and services and government infrastructure. We work with integrators and service providers to develop, manufacture and support systems that generate revenue, keep critical infrastructure operational and important data safe on high-density multi 100Gbps and beyond 1Tbps networks.

We are headquartered in the UK, which includes engineering, research, and development with local offices for sales and support in USA and India.

Today we develop and customise network monitoring and recording systems for cyber security incident response, network performance management and national security at scale to cover entire countries and retention of data beyond 12-months. This enables comprehensive threat hunting to be carried out over several months, increasing the likelihood of detecting threat actors hiding within the network.

Telesoft provides an optional 24/7 threat hunting service for round the clock network security monitoring, threat detection, and intrusion alerting. Our team of expert analysts will provide your business with full network visibility to help detect malicious activities and increase overall protection, whilst decreasing risk. Comprised of highly trained security analysts, supporting personnel and toolsets, our service will monitor and detect threats within the network, alerting security teams to the activity to enable a response.