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Automated Visualization of Food in Canteens

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Automated Visualization of Food in Canteens

In a world where speed of service, accuracy, and nutrition are important, we have technologies such as AI, Cloud, Edge computing and IoT helping solve some key food service problems. The paper addresses one of these unique problems with the use of synthetic data combined with real data to create accurate AI models that can be used to detect food items on a tray. The paper details the hardware and software combination that enabled Advantech and Neurolabs to bring a faster, easy-to-use fully automated self-service kiosk solution using Intel® technologies.

Fully automated self-checkout canteen solutions bring several benefits to the canteen operator and its end customers. The operators can increase the number of customers served, reduce the number of checkout staff, and eliminate theft at checkout. Staff can be refocused to more important tasks that would increase customer satisfaction. Similarly, customers can check out much faster as the food items are identified simultaneously instead of having to scan each item one at a time. Depending on the number of checkout systems in the canteen, the queueing time will be drastically reduced and provide a more pleasurable experience to customers.

Download the “Automated Visualization of Food in Canteens” white paper co-authored by Advantech, Intel and Neurolabs.

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