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Restaurant magazine – digital edition

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Restaurant magazine – digital edition

In light of the current circumstances and many businesses being closed during this period, Restaurant​ magazine will temporarily be going digital only. To also further support our wider community at this time, we are making the issues available to our entire audience. By filling in the form you will receive access to the digital edition plus an email reminder for any upcoming issues as they are published.

In this month’s issue of Restaurant​ magazine we’ll be focusing on the chefs and restaurants – large and small – that have made the move into takeaway and delivery in order to keep thing moving during the pandemic. It will also feature highlights from out daily United We Stand podcasts, featuring comment from chefs including Angela Hartnett, Paul Ainsworth, Jason Atherton and Simon Rogan as well as businesses such as Wahaca and Grind on how they are managing during the UK lockdown.

In addition, the May issue will look at restaurant operators that have turned to dark kitchens in order to expand their businesses during the crisis. It also features a piece from Chinese food expert and Michelin starred chef Andrew Wong on the work he has been doing with London University SOAS in bringing China’s vast gastronomic heritage to his restaurants, plus a piece from food writer and historian William Sitwell charting the history of the restaurant from its earliest forms.

The new issue will also include the latest developments during the coronavirus crisis and lockdown as part of our continued United We Stand​ coverage, as well as a rundown of all the other key developments in the hospitality sector.

Restaurant​ magazine will continue to serve everyone in the sector by providing the latest news and developments as they happen online and provide as much advice, support and information as possible to keep everyone going throughout the lockdown.

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