The great beer quiz: 25 questions to test your knowledge

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Beer quiz 25 questions to test your knowledge

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With a new breed of Millennial drinker demanding a better brew, it’s never been more important to know your beers. Take our quiz to discover if you’re lacking in the lager stakes or whether you’re a bona fide beer geek.

1 Which brewer is largely credited with inventing the strain of yeast used in many of today’s lagers?

a Heineken

b Budweiser Budvar

c Carlsberg

d Beck’s

2 Which of these is not a type of hop?

a Millennium

b Tomahawk

c Pilgrim

d Victory

3 Non-alcoholic beers typically contain as much alcohol as which piece of fruit?

a Banana

b Pear

c Pineapple

d Kiwi


4 How many calories does a typical pint of 5% lager contain?

a 185

b 200

c 215

d 285

5 What is the name of the BrewDog beer with the highest alcohol-by-volume level?

a Tactical Nuclear Penguin

b Squirrel’s Revenge

c The End of History

d The Twilight Zone

6 Which beer ranks the highest in bitterness on the International Bitterness Unit scale?

a Flying Monkeys Alpha Fornication

b Stone IPA

c Mikkeller 1000 IBU Barrel Aged

d Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

7 Which beer brand recently changed its recipe to better replicate how it tastes in its home country?

a Guinness

b Asahi

c Newcastle Brown Ale

d Stella Artois


8 Where is beer brand Cascade made?

a South Africa

b Zambia

c Canada

d Tasmania

9 To be classified as a craft brewer in the US, a brewery must:

a be less than 15% owned by a large brewery

b have an annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less

c list all ingredients on the bottle

d brew using traditional methods

10 Between 2015 and 2016, the number of UK breweries rose to what number?

a 1,994

b 2,203

c 2,678

d 3,456


11 What is the key ingredient of the beer Birerria Calbrona?

a Yeast from a hornet’s stomach

b Bacteria from Parmesan cheese

c A yeast strain cultivated in a beard

d Part-digested coffee cherries

12 Which mainstream lager brand tried to relaunch last year as a craft beer?

a Carlsberg

b Hofmeister

c Kronenbourg

d Budweiser


13 In which year was the beer can introduced?

a 1905

b 1920

c 1925

d 1935

14 Which UK craft brewery was bought by Anheuser-Busch InBev in 2015?

a Camden Town

b Beavertown

c Kernel

d The Wild Beer Co

15 Who is the world’s biggest brewer?

a Anheuser-Busch InBev

b China Resource Snow Brewery

c SAB Miller

d Heineken

16 What is the world’s biggest beer brand?

a Bud Light

b Budweiser

c Snow

d Tsingtao


17 Which of these has not been used as a flavour in a commercial beer?

a Pizza

b Coconut curry

c Cheese and onion crisps

d Lobster bisque

18 Which beer brand’s tagline is ‘Reassuringly expensive’?

a Peroni

b Stella Artois

c San Miguel

d Estrella Damm


19 According to Food Republic, which nation is the biggest consumer of Guinness?

a Ireland

b UK

c Nigeria

d Cameroon

20 Which of these beers does not contain rice as an ingredient?

a Budweiser

b Corona

c Kirin

d San Miguel

21 According to Japanese brewer Kirin, which country is the largest consumer of beer per capita?

a Poland

b Germany

c Ireland

d Czech Republic

22 Which is the largest hop-producing country in the world?

a China

b Germany

c US

d Czech Republic


23 When is Germany’s famous strong beer festival?

a September

b October

c June

d March 24

24 What is the oldest beer brand still being produced today?

a Augustiner

b Weihenstephan

c Chimay

d Duvel

25 What is CAMRA’s current championship beer?

a Church End’s Goat’s Milk

b Bishop Nick’s Ridley’s Rite

c Purple Moose Snowdonia Ale

d Tiny Rebel’s Cwtch


1.c; 2.d; 3.a; 4.c; 5.c; 6.a; 7.b; 8.d; 9.b; 10.a; 11.a; 12.b; 13.d; 14.a; 15.a; 16.c; 17.c; 18.b; 19.b; 20.d; 21.d; 22.b; 23.d; 24.b; 25.a

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