Menu inspiration for the Qurious creatives from QuornPro

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Menu inspiration for the Qurious creatives from QuornPro

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Paul Jennings, head of culinary at QuornPro on the brand’s ambition to become the protein of choice for chefs.

Taste is the key consideration for diners, and this is increasingly important in the current climate when eating out is becoming much more of a luxury than in recent years. 

Menus need to have a variety of protein options that taste, sound and look amazing. Vegan and vegetarian menu choices are no exception to this. Protein plays a huge role in making up the components of a meal and it is an ingredient that has typically been associated with meat and fish, but we want to show chefs that there’s another option.

At QuornPro - the foodservice business unit of Quorn - we’ve always had an ambition to do more than provide tasty, nutritional, and sustainable menu choices. Driven by our culinary ambition to be best in class, we want to inspire the future of protein on plates. We’re on a crusade to become the protein of choice for chefs and to have the best protein on the planet. 

We’ve recently transformed ourselves from a unit simply selling frozen food, to one that inspires OOH chefs with our unassuming mycoprotein, which has been powering up foodservice kitchens and changing the world, one plate at a time, for years.

We recently repositioned ourselves as QuornPro following extensive research that identified the need for the Foodservice Unit to create our own brand identity, values and mission to complement the brand’s retail division. Take a look at the video below to find out more about how QuornPro is continuing to push the boundaries of protein. 

The magic of Quorn mycoprotein
QuornPro has the perfect protein. Whether your business fuels first dates, nights with mates, feeds young imaginations, heals the sick, or simply serves nutritious alternatives to meat, we have the answer. We push the boundaries of protein, so the chef in us all can push the possibilities of food.

Quorn mycoprotein is a delicious and nutritious protein on the precipice of logic and magic, backed by decades of independent scientific research. Our long and collaborative history of innovative research goes back decades, involving leading experts in health and nutritional science.  We have been championing evidence-based science for over 35 years, and partner with leading organisations, such as the British Nutrition Foundation and the British Dietetic Association.

Quorn mycoprotein is made by fermenting a natural fungus Fusarium venenatum. It is naturally low in saturated fat, high in fibre and a complete protein source with its 9 essential amino acids, just like ‘traditional’ protein sources such as meat or fish. It’s also a good source of vitamins and minerals (including zinc, riboflavin, manganese and folate).

Our story
Our unique story began in the 1960s. ‘There’s no better protein than meat’, they said. ‘Dream on’. So we did!  

We asked big questions, like: ‘What if you could feed the world with a few grams?’ That’s how we made something from nothing and invented Quorn, launching an entirely new category. 

We believe that wonder of food makes the world go round and we had the audacity to ask, ‘what if?’. In a world that thought meat had no alternative, we created one; our super protein, Quorn mycoprotein. We changed the way we feed the world.

Who else can feed the entire UK each day with just 2g of Fusarium Venenatum, the base ingredient in Quorn mycoprotein?

Then we asked: ‘What’s next?’ and launched Quorn Professionals for the foodservice industry. We followed our well-known retail brand guidance, a little quiet about our own definition, what the business unit stands for and our future direction.

Last year, we got the proof that change was needed, with research showing we’ve been seen as the ‘dad in the disco’ kind of brand in foodservice. Ouch!

Power up like a QuornPro!
Well, now it’s time to fling off the day-job dad clothes and reveal the power of QuornPro - a fresh and consistent brand identity which is crucial for the future. It’s time for us to shine a culinary light on our unique, inspirational products. Backed by our new memorable brand identity, we will showcase our expertise, express our passion for food and inspire the hospitality industry with our amazing, protein-led food.

Now we’re ready to create something awe-inspiring! 

Transforming menus
QuornPro’s range of foodservice products provide chefs with endless opportunities to create exciting menus. With a taste and texture almost parallel to meat, mycoprotein allows us to push the boundaries of protein so that chefs can push the possibilities of food. 

Chicken is a staple on many menus and is often the go-to choice for diners across all sectors out of home. There are so many creative ways to build vegan chicken burgers and dress wings, strips, or tenders. 

We curated our ChiQin range to elevate mouth-watering menus, specifically in casual dining. The range includes Crispy and Buffalo Wings and the crowd favourite Buttermilk Style Burger Vegan Fillet, all succulent and protein-packed to add delicious, crunchy, and comforting options to menus.

We have also taken a new approach to inspiring even tastier and more sustainable dishes as part of our Cost Crunchers initiative. Let’s Meat Halfway: A bit of meat. A bit of meat free protein. 

Our 50:50 approach encourages operators to create delicious, healthy, low carbon dishes - saving money and the planet. We have created a range of recipes that have been nutritionally analysed, carbon footprinted and are ready to help caterers save money. 

The range includes products from our red meat inspired ingredients such as mince, beef pieces, burgers and meatballs.

We are constantly innovating with our super protein. Watch this space for more delicious foodservice products that chefs can use to redefine their menus.

Sparking Quriosity creates magic…
Quriosity is the secret ingredient in our wonder food. Our pioneering spirit and open mindedness make us experimental, forever dreaming up new ideas – but we’re grounded in decades of independent academic research and science.

We are committed to be the brand driving the protein category forward, aiming to become the best protein on the planet, and always break new ground in the kitchen. We’re bold and, passionate - a daring dreamer, we’re not afraid to break eggs - 3,000 failed attempts to find our mycoprotein in the beginning led us to the one that changed the way we feed the world in the first place.

Making something from nothing is the magic we produced the first time. Imagine what we’ll do next? What’s next for hungry minds and feeding people better, for those fired up by the heat in the kitchen? 

Changing the world one plate at a time isn’t easy. But armed with QuornPro’s wonder food, we have the superpower to succeed on our crusade. Are you ready to be Powered by Quriosity?

Spark excitement and joy in your kitchen with our delicious ChiQin and Cost Crunchers ranges – join us, as we power up protein in foodservice kitchens everywhere because nothing is more inspiring than a blank plate!

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