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Boosting Chef’s Creativity
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Boosting Chef’s Creativity

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Among Les vergers Boirion’s company values, the art of boosting chefs’ creativity hold a special place.

Committed to helping food and beverage professionals free their imagination and give free rein to their desires, Les vergers Boiron has launched “Pure Inspiration Fruit”, a recipe book with contributions from the network of Brand Ambassadors who proudly represents the company.

This original 146-page book, written in French and in English, highlights the 54 flavours offered by Les vergers Boiron, global leader for frozen fruit purées.

"Pure Inspiration Fruit" is a true source of inspiration with its 35 exclusive recipes, inviting you to discover the current gourmet influences, both in France and abroad. Coming from all over the world, 19 chefs gave free rein to their creative talents to bring you inspiring recipes, juggling textures and flavours. From the most classic mixes (mango / passion fruit, coconut / pineapple), to the most unusual ones (passion fruit / thyme, red fruits / spinach), "Pure Inspiration Fruit" frees the imagination with desserts, sorbets, mousses and other creams... imagined by these chefs.

In perfect harmony in its time, Les vergers Boiron incorporate current trends into vegan, gluten-free and less-sweetened recipes.

Each of the 19 chefs bring their personal touches, which are coloured by their values and reflected in the original photography shot for the book:

Pierre ABI HAYLA​, Pastry and chocolate chef, Le Noir - Atelier du chocolat, Beirut

Rena ALKAN​, Executive pastry chef, Absheron hotels, TV host, Baku

Feray AYDOGDU​, Head pastry chef, Tonka Pâtisserie, Datça

Marc BALAGUER-FABRA​, Pastry Chef, Gelato Vice World Champion 2018, Barcelona

Jean-Christophe DUC​, Technical adviser Les vergers Boiron, Katowice

Ghislain GAILLE​, Pastry chef, Vakko Pâtisseries, Istanbul

Guilherme GUISE​, Executive Pastry Chef, Hotel Kämp, Helsinki

Oleg ILYIN,​ Pastry chef of his own boutiques, Moscow

Mads KILSTRUP KRISTIANSEN​, Executive Pastry chef, Formel B restaurants, Copenhagen

Ewald KNAUF​, Teacher, Konditorenmeisterschule, Cologne

Martina KÖMPEL​, Owner and Chef Les Contes de Bruyères Restaurant

Martin LIPPO​, Director of Vakuum, Barcelona

Kévin LOPES​, Executive Pastry Chef, Sketch, London

Emile PILLOT,​ Pastry Chef, Poulaillon, Wittelseim

Alon SHABO​, Pastry chef, designer, teacher, Tel-Aviv

Arpad SZÜCS​, Executive Pastry Chef, Four Seasons Hotel, Prague

Eran SHVARTZBARD​, Boutique pastry chef and baker, teacher, author, Tel Aviv

Michel WILLAUME​, Pastry chef, Pastry World Champion 2001, Think Pastry, Barcelona

Gilles WINTENBERGER​, Executive Pastry Chef, Chedi Muscat, Oman


Get the book online HERE

An example of one of the dishes from the book comes from Kevin Lopes, executive pastry chef at the One & Only The Palm, in Dubai, heading up pasty at the Zest and Stay by Yannick Alléno restaurants, the 101 Dining Lounge and Ba and the renowned Bibliothèque pastry shop.

Just 32 years old, this multi-talented chef is launching a consultancy and training service, having  previously worked over the past 15 years in major establishments across the world including a stint as pastry chef at Sketch in London, Megève, Luxembourg (where he worked closely with Ilario Mosconi), Paris, Monaco, Bonifacio, Metz (his home town) and Courchevel (where he worked with Nicolas Sale and Glenn Viel and was instrumental in helping them gain their second Michelin star).


Saffron Strawberry Pearls & Spices

To serve 10 individual cakes. Gluten Free.

1. Cumin Puffed Meringue


Egg white - 146.3 g

Sugar - 146.3 g

Icing sugar - 97.6 g

Cumin - 9.8 g

Whisk egg whites and add sugar gradually in 3 times.

As soon as getting meringue consistency, fold in the icing sugar with a rubber spatula.

Pipe some dots of meringue (with a 12’ plain nozzle) on an oiled tray and sprinkle with crushed cumin seeds.

Bake at 150°C for 25 min. Cool and store in a sealed container 



2. Strawberry Juice Base


Frozen fruits IQF : Strawberry

Strawberry - 876.6 g

Sugar - 23.4 g

Place the strawberries in a bowl with the sugar. Wrap with cling film then cook on bain-marie at 90°C for 3 h.

Strain through a cloth and cool.

3. Strawberry Glaze


Frozen fruit purée 100% : Lime - 18.3 g

Sugar - 12.2 g

Strawberry juice base - 365.3 g

Sugar - 12.2 g

pectin NH - 4.3 g

Strawberries - Q.S.

Heat the strawberry juice. At 40°C, add sugar mixed with the pectin NH, and boil for 1 min.

Add the Lime purée and cool it down.

Before use, temper the glaze to 29°C and glaze strawberry pearls (5 per portion).

4. Strawberry Marmalade


Frozen fruit purée 100%: Strawberry - 168.6 g

Frozen fruit purée 100% : Lemon - 21.3 g

Strawberries - 337.9 g

Sugar - 45.6 g

Vanilla pod - 0.6 g

Cinnamon (sticks) - 2.4 g

Star anise - 2.4 g

pectin NH - 6.5 g

In a pan, combine strawberry tremlings (from the juice) and 100% strawberry purée with sugar (35.5 g) and all spices.

Heat slowly and add sugar (10,1 g) mixed with pectin NH. Bring to a boil for 1 min. and add the lemon purée.

Cool, remove spices and mix until marmalade consistency.

5. Saffron Ice Cream


Milk - 419.3 g

Cream 35% fat - 104.8 g

Iranian Saffron Sargol Grade 1 - 1.6 g

Milk powder 0% - 33.5 g

Stabilizer - 1.7 g

Egg yolk - 50.3 g

Sugar - 94.3 g

Butter - 94.3 g

In a saucepan, heat milk, cream and saffron. At 35°C, add butter. At 45°C add egg yolks and mix. At 60°C, add sugar mixed with the powders, and bring to 83°C, then blend with a hand mixer. Cool, then maturate for 12h.

The next day, strain the mix, blend and use a Pacojet, pour into 3 silicones moulds 10 cm in diameter and freeze.

Before use, blend the ice cream and store at -14°C. Churn then store in container at -14°C.

6. Dried taggiasches olives


Dried taggiasche olives - 600 g

Chop olives. Set on Silpat and dry in oven at 50°C for 4 h.

Store carefully to protect from moisture. 

7. Olives caramélisées


Dried taggiasche olives - 210 g

Water - 42 g

Sugar - 105 g

In a pan, heat water and sugar and bring to 115°C. Add dried olives and mix on side until syrup is covers all the olives.

Put it back on the heat and mix for 2 min.

Set on a silicone sheet. Temper.

Place in the oven at 130°C for 10 min. (to remove extra humidity)

Cool and separate.

8. Lemon jelly cubes


Frozen fruit purée 100% : Lemon - 213.9 g

Water - 85.6 g

Sugar - 96.3 g

Lemon zest - 0.4 pcs

Gelatin - 2.6 g

Agar agar - 1.3 g

yellow colouring - Q.S.

In a pan, heat water with sugar mixed with agar-agar. Bring to boil for 2 min, then, on side add hydrated gelatin. Mix and strained onto Lemon purée, zest and add the colorant.

Pour into a 12-cm frame and cool. Unframe then cut into 1.5 cm cubes.

9. Assembly

With a stencil, spread the strawberry marmalade in the centre of the plate.

Plate 5 strawberry pearls, 5 lemon jelly cubes, 2 quenelles of saffron ice cream, 3 pieces of cumin meringue. Sprinkle with caramelised olives, olive oil and lime zest.



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