P&G Professional

P&G Professional

P&G Professional is the leading manufacturer and supplier of cleaning and hygiene products to the hospitality industry. Its core business focus is to identify businesses' cleaning and laundry needs and develop products and solutions that deliver real results under world-class brands - including professional variants of Ariel, Bold, Deepio and Flash.

P&G Professional continues to look towards the future beyond product development, with a growing focus within the industry on hygiene standards and ratings affecting consumer choice. P&G Professional works closely with industry associations such as The British Hospitality Association to produce research that ensures the sector is operating to the consumer's high standards, by using the right cleaning products and ensuring their staff are correctly trained, in order to ensure the ongoing success of their establishments.

The P&G Professional range is designed to meet the demanding needs of hospitality establishments. The products ensure less is more, reflected by the recent introduction of Flash with Febreze. The P&G Professional range addresses the diverse nature of business from Chinese takeaways to care homes and ensures P&G Professional's range reaches all of their requirements: Hederol drives efficiency behind the scene, resulting in outstandingly clean dishware, while Ariel and Daz ensure only the cleanest of clothes and towelling.

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