Yousif Aslam co-founder and managing director of Heavenly Desserts on honing your business model and why he wants VAT reduced

How I Got Here: Yousif Aslam

By James McAllister

The co-founder and managing director of Heavenly Desserts, which operates around 50 sites across the UK and Canada, on honing his business model and why he wants VAT reduced.

Lungi Mhlanga owner and founder of female-led dessert bar Treats Club on her new savoury donut collaboration

Flash-grilled: Lungi Mhlanga

By James McAllister

The owner and founder of female-led dessert bar Treats Club in east London on pairing pickles with ice cream, her penchant for graphic design, and her new savoury donut collaboration.

UK restaurant industry trends 2022

10 hospitality trends for 2022

By BigHospiality

Canned wines at the dining table. Dessert-only restaurants. Nepalese fine dining. Here’s our predictions for what will shape the hospitality sector over the next 12 months.

The company behind the Bubble waffle craze BubbleWrap is planning to roll out restaurants across the UK

Bubblewrap plans 'aggressive' expansion across UK

By Restaurant

Chinatown-based bubble waffle concept Bubblewrap, which is credited with starting the craze for the Hong Kong dessert on these shores, has unveiled plans to roll out across the UK and internationally.

Creams acquired by Pistachio Holdings

Creams acquired by Pistachio Holdings

By Finn Scott-Delany

Dessert parlour brand Creams has been acquired by Pistachio Holdings, which is backed by Ankush Shah of the East Africa-based Sumaria Group.

How I Got Here with Creams CEO and co-founder Adam Mani

How I Got Here: Adam Mani

By James McAllister

Adam Mani is the co-founder and CEO of the 90-strong desert parlour brand Creams.

Podcast: how Creams has continued to operate during the Coronavirus lockdown

United we stand

Podcast: how Creams has continued to operate during the lockdown

By James McAllister

Creams commercial and operations director Elton Gray has spoken about how the dessert-focused chain has maintained a portion of its operation throughout the Coronavirus shutdown, and is even preparing to open new sites this summer.

Mariana Chaves, head pastry chef Fifteen Cornwall

Flash-grilled: Mariana Chaves

By Joe Lutrario

Born and raised in Rio, pastry chef Mariana Chave attended Le Cordon Bleu prior to a spell with Nuno Mendes. She is currently head pastry chef at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall.

2019 chocolate trends for restaurants

Sponsored feature

7 chocolate trends for restaurants

By Patrick McGuigan

Raise your chocolate game in 2019 with these trends, including pour-and-melt puds and s'mores.

New Forest Ice Cream's champagne-flavoured sorbet will be available to the on and off-trade markets

Christmas products: Desserts

By Luke Nicholls

BigHospitality takes a look at some festive-themed deserts including mulled wine and Champagne-flavoured sorbet, frozen tårta, and sherry trifle, which are all sure to make your business stand out from the crowd during the busy Christmas period.


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