Peter Sanchez-Iglesias

Tom Lakin wine consultant at Paco Tapas and Casa in Bristol

Uncorked: Tom Lakin

By Joe Lutrario

The wine consultant behind the lists at Peter Sanchez-Iglesias’ Paco Tapas and Casa restaurants on Raj Parr, Pax Mahle and frozen Ruinart.

Peter Sanchez-Iglesias has opened more informal Italian restaurant Casa on the site of Bristol's Casamia

Latest opening: Casa

By Joe Lutrario

In going back to his roots cooking Italian food, Peter Sanchez-Iglesias demonstrates just how far he has come as a chef.


Chefs Tom Brown, Peter Sanchez-Iglesias, Brad Carter relaxed fine dining restaurants

Estrella Damm National Restaurant Awards Sessions

Meet the chefs championing fun dining not fine dining

By Stefan Chomka

The latest video in the Estrella Damm National Restaurant Awards' Sessions series features Brad Carter, Tom Brown, and Peter Sanchez-Iglesias discussing their attempts to make fine dining a more fun experience.