Four-and-a-half hour party people: Brits spend £70 on a night out

By Stefan Chomka

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Brits spend on average £70 on a night out restaurant bars clubs

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Consumers are spending an average of £70.69 on a night out – including drinks at home, transport and food and drinks out, according to the latest Deltic Night Index.

More than 60& of people go on a night out at least once a week and the average British consumer goes out more than five times a month, says the research.

The data shows the vast majority (89%) of consumers budget in a number of ways. For example, 58.5% have a rough idea of what they plan to spend before heading on a night out, and nearly a quarter (21.3%) refuse to spend more once they’ve hit their limit. Some 13.1% of people even plan their spending for each part of the night, from dinner to getting home, according to Deltic.

The report, which surveyed a representative sample of more than 2,300 people, found that respondents are willing to spend, on average, almost 15% (14.6%) of their overall budget on entry or game fees - including for a specialist DJ, entertainment, and competitive socialising activities, showing the important role entertainment and shareable surroundings play in today’s nights out, it says.

The latest figures also show that cutting down on food and drink costs is now a popular option for a fifth of consumers, with almost 22% of people eating before going out and 20% drinking at home for longer before heading out.

Length and frequency of a night out both increased, with the average time spent on a night out rising to 4hrs 38 minutes – four minutes longer than 2018 and the previous quarter.

“This quarter’s Deltic Night Index demonstrates that consumers are spending a significant portion of their disposable income on going out,” says Deltic CEO Peter Marks.

“However, these aren’t impulse purchases. People are clearly thinking about where and when they spend their money, as shown by the percentage of people that budget, and seek out the best value whilst enjoying a fantastic night out. Ultimately, the data shows that people are willing to spend money – but only for the right experience.”

The Deltic Night Index is a quarterly report published by nightclub operator The Deltic Group, looking at the changing consumer habits in the UK’s evening and late-night leisure sector.

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