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I’ve got 99 problems, but the tech ain't one!


I’ve got 99 problems, but the tech ain't one!

By QSR Automations

99 Problems is the iconic song by Ice-T, from his 1993 solo album, Home Invasion. Currently, it feels like the UK hospitality industry is being bombarded from all directions, in what feels like a home invasion.

Bone Daddies London ramen restaurant technology


Using its noodle: how Bone Daddies has survived and thrived

By QSR Automations

Bone Daddies head of operations Steve Hill kicks off a series of videos that will examine a restaurant brand's vision, values and culture, its journey through COVID-19 as well as its future strategy and growth plans.

Latest products and equipment for restaurants and pubs

Shopping forecast: the latest product launches

By Restaurant

This month's new products and services include QSR's ConnectSmart Platform and a cleanser that utilises nano technology to protect from Coronavirus for seven days


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