INÉ sushi restaurant Hampstead chef Takuya Watanabe

Latest opening: INÉ

By Joe Lutrario

Takuya Watanabe and the Leong family’s follow up to their Michelin-starred Mayfair omakase joint Taku has a more casual vibe but is still decidedly high-end.

Taku team to launch Japanese restaurant INÉ in Hampstead

Taku team to double up with INÉ

By Joe Lutrario

The team behind Michelin-starred Mayfair omakase sushi restaurant Taku will launch a much larger restaurant in Hampstead later this month.

YO! returns to profit

YO! returns to profit

By Finn Scott-Delany

Sushi brand YO! returned to profitability in the UK in 2022 as it saw a strong rebound in footfall post-pandemic.

SushiDog to launch two more sites

SushiDog to launch two more sites

By Joe Lutrario

QSR sushi roll brand SushiDog will launch two further central London locations over the next two months bringing its total number of sites to six.

Japanese restaurant Kibako launches in Fitzrovia

Latest opening: Kibako

By Joe Lutrario

A Fitzrovia-based Japanese restaurant that’s boxing clever on the former site of RAI.

Japan’s sushi restaurant scene is under threat from a wave of hygiene incidents dubbed sushi terrorism

The Lowdown: sushi terrorism

By Stefan Chomka

Japan’s restaurant scene is under threat from a wave of hygiene incidents caused by customers.

Imagery: Steve Joyce

Latest opening: Mayha

By James McAllister

Marking the first opening on UK shores for the Lebanon-based Nothing But Love group, Mayha is the latest addition to the capital’s burgeoning Japanese omakase restaurant space.

Latest opening: Roji  intimate, 10 seat Japanese omakase restaurant

Latest opening: Roji

By James McAllister

Husband and wife team Tamas Naszai and Tomoko Hasegawa have launched a considered counter-style Japanese restaurant in London's Mayfair.

Angelo Sato to relaunch Yatai Japanese concept in Fitzrovia

Angelo Sato to relaunch Yatai

By Joe Lutrario

Humble Chicken chef Angelo Sato is to bring back his QSR Japanese brand Yatai following the acquisition of a site in Fitzrovia.

Shaulan Steenson executive chef Temaki

Flash-grilled: Shaulan Steenson

By Joe Lutrario

The executive chef of Brixton's Temaki on the importance of a sustainable approach and why there's nowhere to hide when it comes to sushi.

Itsu increases entry-level restaurant workers pay by 11%

Itsu ups entry-level pay by 11%

By Joe Lutrario

Itsu is battling the industry’s ongoing recruitment crisis with an 11% increase for entry-level team members.

Latest opening: Sachi sushi restaurant at Pantechnicon

Latest opening: Sachi at Pantechnicon

By James McAllister

Japanese/Nordic retail and dining space Pantechnicon has launched its signature sushi restaurant with former Dinings Harcourt and Roka chef Collin Hudston leading the kitchen.

Latest opening: Temaki Japanese handroll bar Brixton

Latest opening: Temaki

By James McAllister

Japanese handroll bar Temaki has opened its debut site on Market Row in London's Brixton, and is already eyeing a rollout.

SUMI The new restaurant from Endo Kazutoshi Michelin star

Latest opening: SUMI

By Restaurant

The new restaurant from Endo Kazutoshi is more informal than his high-end Endo at Rotunda, but the quality remains sky high.

Flash-grilled with Yasuda Akinori  head chef at recently-launched sushi restaurant Sumi in Notting Hill Endo Kazutoshi

Flash-grilled: Yasuda Akinori

By James McAllister

The head chef at recently-launched sushi restaurant Sumi in Notting Hill on learning his craft from his father, getting his start in the industry, and his love of the seaside.